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Student Testimonials


"In 2012 I was involved in an accident that left me permanently disabled. A few years back I discovered accessible Yoga and it has become an essential part of my self-care routine. It helps me maintain core strength and improves my flexibility. Both of which allow me to have a greater quality of life. The instructors and environment are great."


"Accessible Yoga has a friendly and nurturing environment allowing me to center myself. The instructor's directions of 'give yourself permission to go at your pace' offers me a sense of calm which I can't get enough of.

The safe space created allows for me to live in the moment."


"Had an awesome experience! My partner has a neuromuscular degenerative disease. We were blown away by the supportive environment. It's pretty cool that folks with disabilities can show up solo and receive support to practice Yoga. So excited that this resource exists in the community."


"All I can say is I feel "stupendous" after going to Yoga. The instructors work to each individual disability so you do not feel as though you are hindering anybody. It is really fantastic! I have a wonderful time."


"This program is a FANTASTIC healing experience for all ages and physical abilities.

I HIGHLY recommend it."


"I have been with Accessible Yoga for the last six years. I have both left and right hip replacements. I can now get up off of the floor without using a piece of furniture or a cane by myself."


"I can't say enough good things about Accessible Yoga. It can help anyone with health challenges focus on mindful behaviors and stress relief. The breathing, gentle stretches and movement sequences truly leave you feeling more in control, serene, and centered."

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