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About Us

Our Mission 

Through volunteer service, Accessible Yoga Sacramento strives to strengthen our communities by sharing the benefits of Accessible Yoga. We hope to reach the student who may not feel comfortable in a commercial Yoga studio and is looking for new and creative ways to practice. Partnering volunteer service with Mentorship, our goal is also to provide teachers with confidence, sensitivity, and the opportunity to serve all individuals. Accessible Yoga Sacramento is committed to providing physically and financially accessible Yoga in a safe and inclusive environment. We are also passionate about serving Sacramento's unsheltered and under-served populations. 

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Our Philosophy 

We are volunteers here to serve you. We are not here to make assumptions about your body, but rather to create a safe space to explore your own personal practice, and share Yogic tools for a healthier, more peaceful life. We believe that the practice of Yoga postures, breathing exercises and mindfulness are beneficial to, and should be accessible to human beings of all abilities, backgrounds, and socio-economic status.

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